Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Website!

Click here for Ashlyn Photography's new website

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This new site is easier to navigate and has better photo viewing capabilities, which is kind of the whole point for a photographer's website, right? ;)

Also on our new site is information on classes by Ashley Rappleyea you can take to learn more about photography, drawing, painting, graphic design & more.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Digital Editing = Dental Magic!

I recently started doing some digital editing for a dental office in the Rogue Valley. I edit a patient's "Before" picture of their teeth and show what it might look like if they get their teeth whitened or get caps put on.

It's been pretty fun to be working in editing again. I don't do much editing in my day-to-day work. Usually when I take portraits I don't edit unless there's extenuating circumstances or a special request.

I was trained as a photojournalist, so keeping images as close to original feels "truthful" to me. Tons of digital editing, unless the image is presented as a Photo Illustration, feels like I am lying to the client and "creating" memories instead of preserving what actually happened.

So, if you are a former client and received your photos expecting something highly edited with high color saturation and added contrast but didn't, now you know why. :)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Introducing... Afterthoughts

My sister, Stephanie, and I have been working together since early summer and it has been wonderful! We each have a special role in our photography business.

I take the lead and do what I've always done: the portraits; arranging, posing, adjusting, etcetera. The nice, but honestly, sometimes boring stuff for kids and grown-ups alike. We try to make it fun and entertaining, don't get me wrong! But when the photographer puts away her camera, everyone tends to breathe a sigh of relief. You know it's true, but don't worry, I don't take offense. It is what it is.

Steph is more comfortable being in the background and capturing those adorable moments people aren't aware even happened: the sister giving a big brother a hug on the sidelines, the husband and wife sneaking a cuddle hug while the kids are getting their portraits taken. Steph focuses on candid photography; the honest stuff that happens in the background, or on an individual in a group. Stephanie captures what, without her, would be lost: the Afterthoughts.

So, as sisters we have teamed up: Ashlyn Photography and Afterthoughts! Here to capture for you the memories you want to remember and the memories you maybe didn't think of recording, but are funny or sweet and tenderhearted anyway. ;)

Christmas Bazaar! Bizarre...?

I never thought I would have a booth at a Christmas Craft Bazaar, having grown up around them. My mother is as crafty as they come and Christmas craft fairs usually meant snips of floral wire, the smell of silk flowers, wax candles, and hot glue burns! Not so, for this photographer!

Rather than selling wares, we sold a service: let us take a fun photo of you & the kiddos, just the kiddos, or you and your crafty friend & we'll email it to you!

We worked on donations and, while it wasn't a monetary "score," it was awesome to work with my sister, brighten the faces of children who got to take a picture sitting on "Blitzen" (our reindeer prop of choice ;) ), and make ladies feel goofy and fun again as they hung out with their BFF for a "girls day."

I would love to post some of the cute kiddo pictures, but I am going to wait until I have permission from the parents to do that. Until then, here's some of our grown ups! :)